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Let our experienced Nurse Injector, CEO, and Founder, Lindsay Gail guide you on a journey to youthful and wrinkle-free skin.


With her years of experience and expertise, Lindsay Gail is well-equipped to help you achieve the beautiful, glowing complexion you've always dreamed of. Join her on a journey towards healthier, smoother skin and unlock a new sense of confidence and vibrancy. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a brighter, more youthful you with Lindsay Gail at your side.

How Dysport Smooths Wrinkles:
The Science and Process Explained

Dysport is a treatment that works by relaxing the muscles around the injection site. When administered by your doctor, a small amount of Dysport is directly injected into the muscle. As the product begins to take effect, the muscle fibers gradually loosen and become more relaxed. 

This relaxation of the muscle leads to smoother skin above it. Those frustrating lines and wrinkles that you previously noticed in that area become diminished. 


Overall, Dysport works to limit the motion of the muscles responsible for creating those pesky wrinkles and lines. By targeting the source of the problem, you can enjoy noticeable results and smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Toxin Consultation 

Know that you're ready to take the plunge into the world of Dysport/Botox, but not sure where to start? Let our experts at Hush MedSpa help you! 

Crow's Feet
15-25 units per eye

The lines around the outside of the eye. A few units of Dysport will help smooth out those fine lines.

Forehead Lines
20-30 units

Dysport is our favorite treatment for forehead lines because it gives you the most natural-looking results. 

Bunny Lines
5-10 units 

Do you notice the wrinkles on your nose when you scrunch your face? A few units of Dysport can relax these lines, also improving the fine lines under your eyes.

Frown Lines
30-60 units

Treat those pesky scowl lines (wrinkles between your eyebrows) with Dysport. 

Brow lift
10-25 units 

Have a difficult time putting on your mascara? Dysport injected strategically can help raise your eyebrow, opening up your eyes, and giving a well-rested, youthful look.

Dimpled Chin 
10-20 units

Dimpling in your chin  can be relaxed with Dysport injections. This quick treatment provides you with a smooth and relaxed chin area.

Headache/Migraine Relief 
10-25 units 

Dysport injected into the face, scalp, and neck help to relieve muscular tension, resulting in improved symptoms such as migraines and headaches.

Platysma Bands 
10-30 units

The platysma muscles are those vertical cords that run down your neck, which can be more visible when clinching your jaw." 

Starts at $40

Clenching and grinding your teeth causes headaches, cracked teeth, and large jaw muscles that can create a very masculine jawline. Also perfect for slimming the face!

50-100 units 

Excessive sweating? 

Dysport injections near the sweat glands helps to decrease your perspiration.

Lip Flip 

Not ready to commit to lip filler but desire a slightly more plump lip? Dysport or Botox injected into the lip line will also relax the fine lines around your mouth!

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