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The Full Program:
Phase 1 

Whether you are an experienced injector with Neurotoxins or you’re brand new and ready to create your new business…The Academy with Lindsay Gail has you covered. 


What’s EVERYTHING Included in Phase 1?

On Site Botox/Dysport Training

If you’re brand new, with no training and no experience…you’ll come to Hush MedSpa in gorgeous Dallas, TX to be trained hands on with Lindsay. If you’re experienced – discover the #1 strategy I used to build my business and start making money immediately. 

Hostess Events 

I’ll break down how to do it, how to structure it, and how to price it. You can make back your ENTIRE Academy investment in as little as 12 hours with this strategy.

Medical Director  & Contracts

In this Portion we will make sure to get you setup for success and walk you through the Medical Directorship. The ins & outs, do's and dont's, you name it! 

Finding Your Product Rep

Establishing a relationship with your product representatives is SO important. In this portion we will get you setup to quickly purchase products and start making money!

Malpractice Insurance

Making sure that you are safe & compliant is key! The Academy will give you all of the materials to ensure that you will be successful, & more importantly...SAFE!

Consents & Charting

The Academy will walk you through how to keep yourself organized and how to ensure every patient you see has up to do date records on file prior to their treatments with you!

Establishing an LLC 

This is how you will be able to order product from your representatives! And the fun part? You can start bringing your dream to life! 

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