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Botox & Dysport 

The treatment that makes you soft and smooth. Wrinkle Relaxers work to reverse the visible signs of aging by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin’s surface. Typically, wrinkles form over time as a result of the repeated muscle contractions, or facial expressions, we’ve made over the years. After continued treatment you can say goodbye to wrinkles and frown lines. Wrinkle Relaxers are officially becoming everyone’s best kept secret.

When Will I See Results?

Results after Botox® & Dysport will take up to 14 days days to see full results. Patients typically experience results for around to three-six months following the treatments. We suggest repeat treatments to maintain the results



Know that you're ready to take the plunge into the world of Dysport/Botox, but not sure where to start? Let our experts at Hush MedSpa help you! 

Forehead Treatment 


Our favorite treatment for forehead lines because it gives you the most natural-looking results and lasts longer than most popular wrinkle relaxers! 

Bunny Lines


Do you notice the wrinkles on your nose when you scrunch your face? A few units of Dysport or Botox can relax these lines, also improving the fine lines under your eyes.

Platysmal Bands


The platysmal muscles are those vertical cords that run down your neck, which can be more visible when clinching your jaw." 

Migraine Relief 


Dysport or Botox injected into the scalp, and neck help to relieve muscular tension, resulting in improved symptoms such as migraines and headaches.

Trapezius Treatment 


Also known as "Barbie Botox", Many people hold tension in their neck, shoulders, and upper back. By using Botox or Dysport to relax your trapezius muscle, a TrapTox treatment can release this pressure. Besides resolving ongoing stress and poor posture, the solution can also make your neck look longer and thinner.

Jelly Roll


Botox is injected into the specific muscles surrounding the lower eyelid area, the goal is to relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of the rolled or puffy effect.

Lip Flip 


Not ready to commit to lip filler but desire a slightly more plump lip? Dysport or Botox injected into the lip line will also relax the fine lines around your mouth!

Crow's Feet 


The lines around the outside of the eye. A few units of wrinkle relaxers will help smooth out those fine lines.

Chin Dimpling


Dimpling in your chin  can be relaxed with Botox or Dysport injections. This quick treatment provides you with a smooth and relaxed chin area.



Excessive sweating? 

Botox or Dysport injections near the sweat glands helps to decrease your perspiration.



Clenching and grinding your teeth causes headaches, cracked teeth, and large jaw muscles that can create a very masculine jawline. Also perfect for slimming the face!

Gummy Smile 


Botox is injected in the area between your upper lip and nose to temporarily freeze the muscles that contract or elevate when you smile which allows you to smile without showing your gums.



Botox is injected near the tip of the nose to remove nasal wrinkles and lift the nose tip.

Before & After
Product Used: Dysport
Treatment Cost:
*Results seen after 2 weeks* 


Before & After
Product Used: Dysport
Treatment Cost:
*Results seen after 2 weeks* 



What is the Downtime for Botox/Dysport?

Although there is no required downtime after Wrinkle Relaxer treatments, it is recommended that you avoid:

  •  Strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours following treatment.

  • Avoid wearing Hats

  • Avoid Rubbing the treated areas 

  • No facial treatments for 2 weeks post treatment 


More FAQ's

When should you start Wrinkle Relaxers? We recommend starting Wrinkle Relaxers in your mid-20s!


Which product is right for me - Botox or Dysport? Great Question! Your injector will review your medical history and ask you some questions to determine if you’re a good candidate for either product. 

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Don't Forget

New Patients Receive 20% off their first treatment at Hush Medspa! 

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