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Meet Amrita Kapoor

Medical Aesthetician and Senior Laser Technician

In 2013, I successfully graduated from Nursing school, marking the beginning of my journey in the healthcare industry. My initial experience involved a year in the post-cardiac ICU, during which I concurrently commenced my role at a dermatology office. Here, I delved into the intricacies of chemical peels, IPL, diode lasers, Q switch, CO2 laser, and hair PRPs, working closely with doctors and plastic surgeons.

For a span of two years, I served as a dedicated skin counselor, crafting personalized treatment plans for clients seeking skincare solutions. In 2021, I obtained my laser tech license and became a licensed esthetician, officially entering the vibrant skincare industry in the United States. This transition allowed me to acquire expertise in Pico laser and body contouring techniques.

Since June 14, 2022, I have been an integral part of Hush Medspa, where I consistently deliver cutting-edge skin treatments to our valued patients. My aspirations extend to becoming a laser treatments expert, with a vision of creating a specialized course for individuals aspiring to excel in esthetic laser treatments. Additionally, I harbor a keen interest in delving deep into skincare and makeup, aspiring to become an authority in these domains.

Looking ahead, my long-term goal involves venturing into the realm of podcasting, where I aim to share insights and knowledge with a broader audience.

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