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The Full Program:
Phase 2 

No need to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to structure your business. 

In Phase 2, we’ll dive into naming, getting licensed, and registered, among other topics that traditionally would cost you thousands of dollars.


Honestly, I (Lindsay Gail) had no idea what I needed to do when I started my MedSpa, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t able to google! There is literally so much out there, and it can feel overwhelming and a little daunting. 

During Phase 2, we’ll be covering compliance. Including topics like insurance, how to find a medical director, OHSA, consents and charting. Finding the right EMR, getting protocols set up, and creating merchant accounts to be able to collect money. Streamlining your systems.

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The Modules


Setting Up Your Business

  1. Name

  2. Trademark

  3. EIN

  4. Legally compliant business structure.

  5. Business Plan

  6. Business location

  7. Domain

  8. Website

  9. Email

  10. Phone system

  11. Google My Business

  12. Cyber Security

  13. SOS

  14. TX Comp

  15.  Sales Tax

  16. Licensing

  17. IRS

  18. Get organized immediately: Central location for all biz documents and passwords on cloud and hard copy



  1. Insurance: Malpractice, Liability

  2. Medical Director: extended contract

  3. Contracts: MD, Employee, Influencer

  4. Collecting license, immunizations, cpr, w2, direct deposit

  5. EMR

  6. Consents

  7. Policy/Protocol

  8. Charting, DOT phrases

  9. Pre and Post Instructions

  10. Online booking

  11. Merchant Account



  1. OSHA

  2. Task Management

  3. Loyalty and Rewards

  4. Ancillary clinics

  5. Lawyer

  6. Bookkeeper

  7. Accountant

  8. Quickbooks

  9. Service Pricing

  10. Cost of Goods

While Phase 2 is HEAVY, believe us when we say it’s just better to have it all done and even better to have the support and hand holding within The Academy.

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