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The Full Program: 
Phase 3

We know that your brand is the most important piece of attracting the RIGHT clients and getting the most attention on your new business. You’re a medical professional. You’re not a marketing expert. 

Honestly, many of our students say that branding, social media, and marketing to get clients is one of the HARDEST pieces of starting a business.

Inside of Phase 3, we’re going to cover everything from your logo to your color scheme, your office experience, to social media and different proven marketing strategies. 

We’ll spend time during Phase 3 to set up your marketing plan and I’ll give you all of the information you need to know to build out a profitable marketing and sales strategy.

Black and White Tiles

What's included in Phase 3? 



  1. Name

  2. Logo

  3. BrandBinder

  4. Color Scheme

  5. Social Media

  6. Influencers

  7. Office design: room dimensions, electrical needs


Social Media

  1. Facebook

  2. IG

  3. Linked In

  4. Pinterest

  5. Tik Tok

  6. Before/After Photos

  7. Scheduling Post 

  8. Influencers



  1. Email Nurture

  2. Text

  3. Paid Ads

  4. Hostess Rewards

  5. Referral/Loyalty Program

  6. Memberships

  7. Grand Opening

  8. Events

  9. SEO

  10. Review Management

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